What is Forrest Yoga?

For me, Forrest Yoga is about taking a deep dive into the Great Mystery and Beauty of who you are. About using your breath like a search light to guide you through that journey.

We hold poses for what can seem like an eternity to test our edges. To test our capacity for compassion through challenge. To give us time to modify for injuries, ailments or preferences. To allow the space to breathe. To be. To evolve. To feel empowered to choose how we embody each shape.

We activate our feet to teach us to walk through life more grounded and aware. To connect us to earth.

We activate our hands, and they remind us to reach for what we want.

We engage our cores…like REALLY engage our cores…to help us move from a place of strength. To connect to intuition. Gut instinct.

We relax our necks to shed the burdens we refuse to carry any longer.

We love props. They are reminders that we deserve support when we need it. They are opportunities to practice asking for that support.

We have funny names for poses. Because, why not? It’s ok to write your own path. To honor the wisdom and traditions that have come before you, but transform it as your own. Make up shapes and call them Turquoise Spider Woman or Windblown Cypress…because they feel good. Because they’re fun to say.

We teach classes with specific themes and intents to inspire ourselves to act with purpose.

We arrange artful sequences that feel like symphonies in the body.

We gently heat our classes.

We sweat. We cry. We laugh. We fart. We howl. We heal.

It’s not always pretty. But, with the right perspective,  it is Beautiful.

To find out more about the philosophy behind this system and my dear teacher, the author of Fierce Medicine, the Creatrix of Forrest Yoga, Ana Forrest, visit her website at www.forrestyoga.com.